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Rome wasn't built in a day, wax, charcoal and cardboard, 2018

Process is fundamental to my practice. It is only through an investment of time, repetitiveness and stamina that facades can be pushed through and newness made to emerge. 

The starting point for this body of work was the appearance on my studio wall of a kind of fossil as I wiped the wall with a charcoal-dirty rag. The fossil was the remains of a sculpture I'd made directly on the wall with modelling wax and afterwards scraped off. 

I tried recreating these fossils by using modelling wax to draw on various surfaces and then pulling and scraping the wax off before rubbing the surface with a dirty rag. The wax drawings started to become large, monochrome, wax paintings which were interesting in themselves but ultimately it was the discarded wax scrapings that drew my attention; piles of wax lines, twists and pickings that I had torn, pulled and scraped off with my nails before absent-mindedly stock-piling ready for the next experiment. 

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