Roadplays, 2017

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‘What if…? is a question that drives my practice.


What if I attach some string to this and let it swing back and fore? What if I paint the ends of a curved bit of metal red? Will it become a magnet? I take a detached, naive yet sincere approach which could be compared to lateral thinking. The results are often absurd. 

In this body of work/play, many of the objects were found on the road; bits of metal, scaffolding, pigeon spikes, a broken chair. Using found or readily available materials is reflective of my suspicion of the idea of art as commodity as well as a sympathy for the Arte Povera movement of 1970s. 


The process of art-making is more important to me than the end-product. Any objects that come out of it could be thought of as by-products.

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Roadplays (detail)

various pieces of found steel leaning against each other