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What if? (drawing 2)
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'Self-portal #1', 2018

What if... I keep my feet in the same place on the floor whilst repetitively tracing the shadow of my body; a shadow which is being cast by a light shining onto the drawing from behind me? This piece was worked on over three days, in stints of 15-30 mins, after which my body would be too exhausted to continue. 

Chasing my shadow was a knowingly naive act. When I had become accustomed to losing and re-capturing my shadow, it became like a game of cat and mouse, around and around. The speed of my movement fluctuated.

A spiral or portal-like form began to emerge and I allowed my perception to enter the third dimension.

However, I made a fatal error. One afternoon I flippantly changed my game-plan. This change of direction quickly destroyed the portal and with it the magic. 

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