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'Project Ljubov'

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A work of both affection and alienation, this installation took the form of an anonymous intervention into my residential surroundings in the centre of Skopje. It was prompted by a desire to show my gratitude to and fondness for a city and community; in particular Skopje's arts community. 

The red heart symbol is ubiquitous and loaded with meaning. Making art as a foreigner requires tact and care and I did not want my work to appear didactic in any way.  With the heart symbol I felt I was able to maintain the sense of sincere naivety with which I approach my surroundings. 

The sudden appearance of hundreds of red hearts may have seemed absurd to the many residents of the brutalist high rise complex of flats that I was living in. At the very least I hope that I might have perhaps sparked some interest with my playful gesture.  

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