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'Béton Beaut 1-3' & 'Strategy 1-3'

A handful of brutalist buildings stand defiantly in Skopje. Some have been covered by the controversial skin of Skopje 2014, a huge government-run project that quickly and dirtily changed the architectural face of Skopje in the name of nationalism. Skopje's brutalist buildings were the vision of international architects such as Kenzo Tange who took on the task of rebuilding Skopje after a devastating earthquake in 1963 which flattened the city, killing over a 1000 people.

For this project I created a selection of small, concrete, building blocks that can be interacted with. The precariousness with which they balance forms a telling contrast to the intended strength and permanence of brutalist architecture, hinting at the vulnerability of citizens at the hands of their governments. 

From the concrete sculptures came a series of photographs and prints, a selection of which are shown here and which will be on display at the 'Common Space' exhibition curated by Ana Frangovska and Gorancho Gjorgjievski of the National Gallery, Macedonia as part of the Sarajevo Winter Festival 2018. 

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